Latin Church in India

The Latin Church in India traces its origin to the western missionaries in the 13th century A.D. and especially to the arrival of the Portuguese missionaries in India in the 16th century A.D. The Catholic Hierarchy of India was established on October 1, 1886 by Pope Leo XIII through the promulgation of the Bull "Humanae Salutis".

In accordance with the directive of Pope John Paul II mentioned above, the Latin Bishops in a meeting held on April 22, 1988 at kottayam decided unanimously to start a Conference of their own and call it the"CONFERENCE OF CATHOLIC BISHOPS OF INDIA - LATIN RITE (CCBI-LR). In the Plenary Assembly in Kottayam, adhoc Office-bearers consisting of only a President and a Vice President were elected. Most Rev.Henry D'Souza, Archbishop of Calcutta was elected President, and Most Rev. Leobard D'Souza, Archbishop of Nagpur was elected Vice-President. They were assisted by a small team of four bishops forming the Executive Committee.

In the third Plenary Assembly held in Goa in January 1991, a full team of Office-bearers was elected and the Executive Committee was constituted. The Executive Committee consists of the four office bearers, the 16 Latin Rite Metropolitans and the Chairmen of Commissions and Committees.